Awakening to God Ministries is about God’s story in Jesus Christ. It all comes down to ‘Christ and Him crucified’ !It’s Jesus we want to proclaim – nothing more and nothing less! As such, as far as they can, Gerard and Jeannie do not want their names promoted with
Awakening to God Ministries. We want more and more partners to join into proclaim Jesus Christ. This is a ‘we’ ministry. It’s the Body of Christ doing what we’re supposed to do – sharing God’s love to a lost and broken world (the Great Command) and making more disciples (the Great Commission).

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Jeannie’s Book:

We’re praying for partners to help us raise $200,000 for an editor and to market and distribute the book.


This is the latest and most effective way of sharing a message on social media i.e. video messaging. We’re praying for partners to help us raise $100,000 to start sharing the story and message that God has given us.

Operating Costs:

Gerard and Jeannie have taken a leap of faith in starting ‘Awakening to God Ministries’ and have no regular income for their everyday

needs. They are keeping their running costs to a minimum but would value partners to stand with them financially both for the everyday needs and,in time,to enable them to recruit some admin and other help.

Rebecca’s Devotional:

Our vision is for thousands of young people to be inspired to fully commit their lives to Christ through the example set by Rebecca. Many folk have suggested we develop the devotional readings of Rebecca’s Way and we’re looking to raise funds to do this and to market and distribute it ( schools and colleges), in the US, UK and around the world.