Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

  • To share faith, hope and love to bring:
  • Healing to the Brokenhearted, including people who are suffering through, the death of a loved one or a broken marriage or relationship.
  • Freedom to people who are suffering through something that has happened to them through no fault of their own e.g. abuse as a child, loss of health or finances etc.
  • Release from darkness to people imprisoned through a bad decision e.g. all forms of addiction, incarceration etc.
  • Understanding to people asking the big questions of life e.g. what is the purpose of my life, what happens when I die etc.

Our Vision

As with Joseph in the Old Testament, to see hundreds of millions of people around the world released, envisioned, empowered and equipped to turn what Satan intended for evil in their lives, into something that will help and rescue millions of others.

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