A Love Story

In thirty-eight years of marriage, Gerard and Jeannie Long have come to know and love God in a profound way. It’s this love that has enabled them to persevere through any parent’s worst nightmare and to now have even more love for Jesus Christ and for each other.


They’ve experienced success and wealth based on the values of the world and also the deepest grief and suffering from the death of two of their three children. On their journey, God has revealed His grace and glory to them in extra ordinary ways. In particular, they’ve experienced how God is able to redeem the most painful are as of our lives and turn them around for good. Gerard has caught a deep awareness of eternity and Jeannie has experienced God’s presence and glory when she was close to ending her own life. Their marriage has triumphed when all seemed lost and they’ve learnt in valuable lessons on their unbelievable journey. And, they have a very clear message of God’s calling for each Christ follower to obey the Great Command and the Great Commission.


After a successful collegiate track career, Gerard earned a BS (with honors) in banking and finance and went to work for HSBC (on of the world’s largest banks), eventually rising to the office of senior vice president, corporate marketing. Jeannie was trained at the Royal Ballet School and danced professionally before starting her own ballet school in London.


In 1980, Gerard had a dramatic encounter with God. Gerard and Jeannie married in 1981 and both felt called to serve in a church in North London where Gerard served as a pastor for 17 years.During this time Gerard continued to work in the banking and finance industry and Jeannie stayed at home to raise their three children.


Gerard’s banking career took him around the world and included some fascinating roles, including director of the Year 2000 program for the UK and Europe. In 2001, they moved to New York, where Gerard was asked to launch a global product for HSBC, and then on to Chicago in 2003, where he led the integration of HSBC and House hold International. Through out his banking career, Gerard sought to introduce his colleagues to Jesus Christ and while serving in the City of London he was Chairman of Christians in Finance (which was founded in 1875).