Giving Tuesday 2020

Awakening to God Ministries (ATG) offers hope to the suffering.  The founders of ATG, Gerard and Jeannie Long, have experienced God’s comfort and grace in the deepest darkness and sorrow:

Their message is that, if God can redeem, restore and cause them to triumph in their brokenness, He can do the same for anyone! As part of Giving Tuesday please partner with ATG in helping the poor, the brokenhearted, the captives and the prisoners by donating towards:


• $100 will provide 25 men, women and children with clean water in India and $2,000 will provide a whole village with clean water.

• $100 will provide food for one year for an orphan in India or Rwanda.

• $5,000 will help us to finish and operate the orphanage in Rwanda.

Sponsor Messages of comfort and hope to people who are:

• Grieving and feeling lonely and afraid;

• Grieving and feeling lonely and afraid;• Struggling with Mental Health issues such as depression and suicidal thoughts;

• Locked up in addiction; and

• Suffering with marital breakdown.

$100 helps us to reach 500,000 people through our social media platforms.

Overhead Costs:

ATG keeps overhead costs to an absolute minimum. For example, ATG only has 2 employees in the US (1 full time and 1 part time) and 4 contractors in India. Covering our overhead costs for the year means we can focus on helping the suffering.

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